Hey you! Happy New Year!


My calendar is updated with new stuff for the next couple of months. And during the VinterJazz 2016 in February, I will launch a new duo project TENOE // DUO.

During 4 days, I’ll play with 4 musicians and create 4 duos, one duo pr. night. I haven’t played with these guys before, so I’m really looking forward to these first meetings.

The program are as follows:

13.02 // TENOE / JEZEE DUO // Mellemrummet (w. Jeppe Zeeberg)

15.02 // TENOE / FRABI DUO // 5e (w. Francesco Bigoni)

17.02 // TENOE / KATRA DUO // Terroiristen (w. Kasper Tranberg)

18.02 // TENOE / TOKLA DUO // Terroiristen (w. Tobias Kiel Lauesen)

Check out www.jazz.dk for more info.


Yours truly,


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