Back from NYC and three reviews from Gaffa, JazzNyt & JazzSpecial.

NYC_wrap up

Two days ago last nights natural wine bar hang at The Ten Bells made a thine fine layer of cloudy and misty happy flashbacks, which eventually turned into real memories that mixed together with the rest of this weeks experiences, got packed up in small accurate boxes staked and stored deep in my mind.

NYC – you did it, again. And even though I didn’t get to do everything I thought I wanted to do, you just showed me the path to something unexpected a number of times. And that’s really what NYC maybe is all about, the unexpected joys and thrills every single day.

Wanna give it up for Laurence, Zach, Billy, Aaron, Dan, Andreas and Simon for great shows, great hangs, great late night jam, great talks, walks etc.

I’m truly grateful, and also for the three new reviews.

Before I left for NYC Gaffa’s Ivan Rod wrote a pretty damn good review, Jan Granlie from JazzSpecial did kind of the same thing (if you got the new JazzSpecial you can read it!). They both reviewed Reverse – MUSEUM from april 2017.

Today I received a pretty “strange” review. Earlier this month I played three concerts together with Lars Jansson and Jeppe Skovbakke, and the first one was recorded for private purpose and use. But it happened that Niels Overgård, founder og, asked for the recording to keep track on my musical whereabouts.

But he apparently liked it so much, that he reviewed it. So now you can read a review of some music you’ll never actually hear. Wow!


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