CLT’s “Every Second Is a Blues” got two great reviews…

… from the International freejazzblog “The Free Jazz Collective” written by Sammy Stein, and from danish Jazznyt,com written by Niels Overgård.

Steins review is a long one (thank you!), and is very readable. She, and I quote, writes about our last track:

“[…] There is a sense in this track of complete integration between the elements each musician brings and I cannot tell you how wonderful this is to listen to. They are all listening, all engaged totally and all playing to create wonderful improvised harmonies”.

Read the whole thing here. 

Niels Overgård always got a great sense of humor and still gets to the point, tells what’s on his mind and what’s important for him in the music, and even more important, why.

“[…] Det er jazz med nerve og sjæl. De sætter noget på spil, afprøver deres idéer i nuet – og har heldet og dygtigheden med sig”.

Read the whole review here. 


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