17. May 2019

I’ve been waiting for this date to occur in my calendar. Actually, I have been waiting for this release date for 3 1/2 years. Since I started working on the music for this album back in December 2015, a release date for what eventually became Terkel Nørgaard – With Ralph Alessi has been on my mind. I sincerely wanted to get this out, but I also wanted to get this out right. No rush, no fast decisions.

But after the recording session I didn’t know what I had, my mind was tired and blown into small pieces. Too much work for a long time, too much stress and too much doubt in myself as a musician, composer & human.

But time helped me, my wife helped me, my kids, my familie, my friends and colleagues helped me. And after one year and a half, I started listening to the music that we did in the studio. And I’m truly glad I did, ‘cause my worst fears was now gone, I felt comfortable, I felt proud.

1 year ago I met this guy named Matti Nives from Helsinki, Finland. We met in Berlin at the X Jazz Festival at a concert with Hess Is More (great concert btw). I mailed Matti a few weeks earlier because I sensed that his label, We Jazz Records, was more than just an label that would put my music out. I sensed a family, a group of people that would work as hard in getting this music out that I did in creating it. And luckily for me, Matti accepted me into his family.

I am therefore truly honored, proud and humble that my new album “Terkel Nørgaard – With Ralph Alessi” is out today 17. May 2019 on We Jazz Records.

I wanna thank the whole We Jazz Records family, I wanna thank my beloved wife Marie, our beautiful kids Luna & Storm & my family. I wanna thank Ralph for saying yes to this project, I can’t express enough gratitude – you a truly one of a kind! I wanna thank Søren Gemmer & Jesper Thorn for beautiful and dedicated playing on this album and through the years. I wanna thank August Wanngren, the Wiz, for creating such beautiful sound. Wanna thank KODA’s Cultural Funds for the support and last but not least: thanks to Jakob Baggesen for inviting me to be his Artist in Residence at Modern Jazz Days in Køge in 2016. That invitation and the support started this before I even knew what it was.

Thanks for reading this & thanks for listening.

The album is out on every digital platform. You can order vinyls & cd’s here.

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