Terkel Nørgaard With Ralph Alessi

On May 17. 2019 I’ll release my new album “Terkel Nørgaard With Ralph Alessi” on We Jazz Records. It’s my biggest and most important project to date and I can’t thank everybody involved enough for being a part of this journey. This is a dream come true. Pre-order “Terkel Nørgaard With Ralph Alessi” now at: … Continue reading Terkel Nørgaard With Ralph Alessi

CLT’s “Every Second Is a Blues” got two great reviews…

... from the International freejazzblog "The Free Jazz Collective" written by Sammy Stein, and from danish Jazznyt,com written by Niels Overgård. Steins review is a long one (thank you!), and is very readable. She, and I quote, writes about our last track: "[...] There is a sense in this track of complete integration between the elements … Continue reading CLT’s “Every Second Is a Blues” got two great reviews…

Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2018

The annual Copenhagen Jazz Festival is just around the corner, and if you're in town, you like jazz, you also like to drink alcohol (a lot, who doesn't?), you like to hang out among fellow jazz-tapping-their-feet-I-know'n'understand-what-the-trumpet-player-is-playing-fans, you should definitely check out my schedule, my program, my almanac. Come on out, let's have a party! I'll … Continue reading Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2018

CLT – Every Second Is a Blues – OUT NOW!

CLT - Every Second Is a Blues Albummet er ude / The album is out Find den hos din foretrukne digitale musikpusher / Find it at your favorite digital music pusher Fx... iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/…/every-second-is-blue…/1403879754… Bandcamp: https://clttrio.bandcamp.com/album/every-second-is-a-blues Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/7BVMAyuOVpKYF5MUzntTJn Tidal: https://tidal.com/browse/album/91017220 ✌️

Back from NYC and three reviews from Gaffa, JazzNyt & JazzSpecial.

Two days ago last nights natural wine bar hang at The Ten Bells made a thine fine layer of cloudy and misty happy flashbacks, which eventually turned into real memories that mixed together with the rest of this weeks experiences, got packed up in small accurate boxes staked and stored deep in my mind. NYC … Continue reading Back from NYC and three reviews from Gaffa, JazzNyt & JazzSpecial.