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A little bit of VinterJazz…

During the annual VinterJazz in Denmark, I’ll be playing a couple of gigs with two great American saxofonists. The first is a celebration of and tribute to pianist and composer Thelonious Monk, who would have turned 100 this year. Together with saxofonist Ned Ferm and bassist Klaus Nørgaard we’ll play a a bunch of Monk tunes, and only Monk – the master! Monk Celebration – Thursday 16. Feb. 8:00 pm at Terroiristen. The second is with saxofonist Bob Rockwell New Trio. Bob have lived in Denmark since 1983 and played… Read more A little bit of VinterJazz…


Ønsker alle et herligt og lykkebringende nytår med på gensyn i 2017, hvor Reverse udgiver nyt album + en masse spændende ting som jeg løfter sløret for hen af vejen. Kom i stemning til det ene og/eller det andet med denne lille video fra HVID BY fra KØS tidligere i år. Godt nytår. Yours truly, Terkel

Merry Christmas

Last year I did two Christmas carols with the infamous trio Dødens Garderobe, and during this December the tracks has been published. I’m really glad for this joyful opportunity, my first Christmas recordings! So, to all of you from Dødens Garderobe & yours truly, Merry Christmas. Santa Claus is Coming to Town Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas Ho ho hooooo!  

Reverse // Ralph Alessi – VIDEO PART 1

In June 2016 we had the great pleasure in playing with the one and only Ralph Alessi. A couple of videos was made from our last live concert at Modern Jazz Days, here’s the first one. Once again – big shout-out to Ralph, Søren, Jesper, Jakob, David & Tobias.