Reverse feat . . .


In June 2016 Reverse featured a new project that did a tour in Denmark. The band had the pleasure in playing with the amazing american trumpet player Ralph Alessi, which is one of the strongest, hippest trumpet players and composers in NYC.

Reverse // Ralph Alessi also did a recording of the music, which was brand new and written especially for this project.

About Reverse feat . . . 

Reverse feat . . . is the second feature project that Reverse has worked on. Reverse feat . . .  was launched in June, 2015, when Reverse played their first concert, together with the legendary trumpet player and composer, Palle Mikkelborg. The project was brought to life by Terkel Nørgaard and Modern Jazz Days, a jazz festival in Køge (southern Zealand) run by Jakob Baggesen.

The band played seven pieces, of which six were composed for the occasion. All of the pieces were written by Terkel, inspired by his meetings with Palle Mikkelborg months before the concert, using a set of compositional rules that allowed Terkel to be very precise and more minimalistic works (at least on paper!) than some of his earlier works.

Go to Listen/Watch to check out the almost 54 min long film from the concert.

Reverse feat. Palle Mikkelborg

Palle Mikkelborg – Trp / Flg

Terkel Nørgaard – Drums / Composition

Jesper Thorn – Bass

Søren Gemmer – Piano


(Photo by Tobias Kiel Lauesen).

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