Reverse is Terkel Nørgaard’s trio and has the classic instrumentation of piano, bass and drums. The band was formed in August, 2011 with his two friends bassist Jesper Thorn and pianist Søren Gemmer. The three discovered that they had a very natural way to play together.

From day one, all music has been composed by Terkel, using the group as a workshop or playground where the surroundings could be changed, depending on the style of music he wrote. From this approach, Reverse has created many concepts, featuring artist like Jørgen Leth, Ralph Alessi, Palle Mikkelborg, Thomas Agergaard and Nicolaj Stochholm..

In November 2014, Reverse released their debutalbum Awakening on Blackout Music, which was Terkel’s first album as a leader. The album reflects his development over four years of writing music and shows Terkel’s musical background, growing up with music genres like classical, folk, rock, jazz, and church music, as well as including his fascination for rap and hip hop music.

The trio’s second album “MUSEUM” will be released on April 7 at the label DME on

vinyl ( &

digital (


Reverse is:

Terkel Nørgaard – Drums

Søren Gemmer – Piano

Jesper Thorn – Bass

For videos, go to Listen/Watch


Awakening received great reviews in Gaffa, Jazznyt and Salt Peanuts in Norway.

Press quotes from previous Reverse concerts and Awakening:

Reverse play their interpretations of modern free jazz with great conviction and obvious talent. (Gaffa, Cæcilie Salomonsen)

Their material, the simplicity (and the simultaneous complexity) in the expression, the obvious presence, the individual calm, the open harmony and unity. All this makes the outcome (debut album) very, very worthy listening, characterized by engaging exploration, technical surplus and obvious joy of music. (Gaffa, Ivan Rod)

Pauses in the music were also important elements of the teamwork displayed by the young jazz group, Reverse. Employing the classic trio format of piano, bass and drums, the band enveloped the poems in a palpable texture, thin as silk. Sometimes merely a hint, other times clearly mood enhancing, but always with great empathy and in sensual affinity with Leth’s poetry. True class. (Herning Folkeblad, Kurt H. Jørgensen)

Awakening is a debut album with great mental reverberation. It never forgotten immediately. […] It’s jazz, where I one moment lose myself in the details, then Reverse go in new directions. (


(Photo by Tobias Kiel Lauesen).

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