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Tag: Jesper Thorn

A little bit of VinterJazz…

During the annual VinterJazz in Denmark, I’ll be playing a couple of gigs with two great American saxofonists. The first is a celebration of and tribute to pianist and composer Thelonious Monk, who would have turned 100 this year. Together with saxofonist Ned Ferm and bassist Klaus Nørgaard we’ll play a a bunch of Monk tunes, and only Monk – the master! Monk Celebration – Thursday 16. Feb. 8:00 pm at Terroiristen. The second is with saxofonist Bob Rockwell New Trio. Bob have lived in Denmark since 1983 and played… Read more A little bit of VinterJazz…


Ønsker alle et herligt og lykkebringende nytår med på gensyn i 2017, hvor Reverse udgiver nyt album + en masse spændende ting som jeg løfter sløret for hen af vejen. Kom i stemning til det ene og/eller det andet med denne lille video fra HVID BY fra KØS tidligere i år. Godt nytår. Yours truly, Terkel

Reverse // Ralph Alessi – VIDEO PART 1

In June 2016 we had the great pleasure in playing with the one and only Ralph Alessi. A couple of videos was made from our last live concert at Modern Jazz Days, here’s the first one. Once again – big shout-out to Ralph, Søren, Jesper, Jakob, David & Tobias.