Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2018

The annual Copenhagen Jazz Festival is just around the corner, and if you're in town, you like jazz, you also like to drink alcohol (a lot, who doesn't?), you like to hang out among fellow jazz-tapping-their-feet-I-know'n'understand-what-the-trumpet-player-is-playing-fans, you should definitely check out my schedule, my program, my almanac. Come on out, let's have a party! I'll … Continue reading Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2018

New video with Terkel Nørgaard Quartet – part 3

Part 3 out of 4 parts in now up on youtube. The fantastic Boo Boo's Birthday, a Monk composition that is much less recorded and documented by the master himself, and the ones who come after him. Here is our version of Boo Boo's Birthday - no actually solo chorus, only the melodi played 4 … Continue reading New video with Terkel Nørgaard Quartet – part 3