MAXIMALISTICA // Reviews part 2

Maximalistica (the no-bullshit-no-minimalisme-yes-to-maximalisme-band) has (yet again) received great reviews for "The Clash of the Titans" EP. So if you read danish, (or know somebody how does), click here: For Italian: Or for Belgium, click here: I'll take that dark & stormy now!   Yours truly, Terkel. (Photo by Peter Gannushkin).


The band MAXIMALISTICA released the EP "THE CLASH OF THE TITANS" in July during the Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2015. Tonight some of the EP can be heard on the radio show "Towards Midnight" at Omroep Helmond Radio in Holland. You can listen to it in Holland at either FM 107.2 MHz or kabel 94.4 MHz. You can … Continue reading MAXIMALISTICA // TAKING OVER DUTCH RADIO