Award winning drummer & composer

Born (1983) and raised in Copenhagen, Denmark.


Terkel has studied with some of the finest teachers from Denmark and from USA, including Billy Hart, Jeff Ballard, Dan Weiss, Ari Hoenig, Ed Thigpen, John Riley, Peter Retzlaff, Kresten Osgood, Martin Andersen, Morten Lund and Jonas Johansen.

He has played with many groups and artists including Ralph Alessi, Palle Mikkelborg, Jørgen Leth, Lars Jansson, Thomas Agergaard, Mikkel Ploug, Niels Vincentz, Jeppe Skovbakke, Søren Ulrik Thomsen, Bob Rockwell and Nicolaj Stochholm among others.

Terkel works with Terkel Nørgaard – With Ralph Alessi, Terkel Nørgaard Quartet, the trio CLT and together with the Swedish producer and electronic musician Olof Melander among others.


Musical education:

2012 – 2014 Cand. Musicae from Rhythmic Music Conservatory, Copenhagen

2009 – 2012 Bachelor from Rhythmic Music Conservatory, Copenhagen

2006 – 2009 Bachelor from Musicology, University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen.


Selected works:

2019 Jeppe Wolmer / Me & Mai

2019 Terkel Nørgaard / Museum Remixed/ Palmspree

2019 Terkel Nørgaard / With Ralph Alessi / We Jazz Records

2018 CLT / Every Second Is a Blues / CLT Records

2017 Reverse / MUSEUM / DME 11100

2015 Maximalistica / The Clash of the Titans

2014 Reverse / Awakening / Blackout Music 042

2013 Søren Ulrik Thomsen & Det Glemte Kvarter / Rystet Spejl. Musik & poesi / Gyldendal

2012 Lasse Matthiessen / Dead Man Waltz / Zpetakel Records

2012 TI / (Søren Ulrik Thomsen & Det Glemte Kvarter) / Gateway Music

2011 Vagn Nørgaard / Dette Landskab / Edition Wilhelm Hansen WH31245CD



Danish Music Award JAZZ 2013 for Best Vocal Jazz album with Søren Ulrik Thomsen & Det Glemte Kvarter.


(“Biography” photo by Michel Poulsen).

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