Jørgen Leth & Reverse // Reverse

I have really looking forward to this week because of the next four days (Thursday – Sunday): Reverse will play three concerts together with legendary Jørgen Leth, record one live album with Jørgen and record one studio album as a trio.

It’s a great privilege to play with Jørgen, Jesper and Søren, and I’m very curious about the outcome on these next four days music.

If you wanna hear us live the next three days, check out the links:

  1. OCT // ATLAS, AARHUS // FEW TICKETS // http://fondenvoxhall.dk/koncerter/joergen-leth-reverse-2/
  3. OCT // JAZZHOUSE, CPH // FEW TICKETS // http://jazzhouse.dk/jazzklub/j%C3%B8rgen-leth-reverse-3

Here’s a photo from last time Reverse was in studio, recording “Awakening” for Blackout Music.


Yours truly // Terkel.

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